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Last updated::2018-07-04    



The Recipient ofthe 2018 OSA Sang Soo Lee Award: Dr. Lee Cheng-Chung


 The Sang Soo Lee Award, established jointly by the Optical Society of America (OSA) and the Optical Society of Korea (OSK), recognizes eminent individuals who have made a major contribution to the development of optics and photonics in their home countries through their endeavor to conduct outstanding research and  education and eventually have acquired substantial academic and economic results. Lee Cheng-Chung, Honorary Professor of the Department of Optics and Photonics at NCU, has dedicated himself to the optics and photonics for more than three decades in Taiwan and was selected as an awardee for the OSA Sang Soo Lee Award in 2018.


“Discourses should be life-oriented, so that knowledge can be internalized,” said Dr. Lee. Optics is life, and it also depicts Dr. Lee’s life philosophy. The cover of his book Thin-Film Optics and Coating Technology, now is in 8th editon, which displays a picture of colorful optical interference with multilayered thin-films, symbolizes his childlike curiosity which original from purity but full with very creative and lively heart . “If we already achieve something, we should not be excessively concerned about the success and asking returns from others. To learn to share is the sign of growing up into an adult. As we gain happiness through sharing, it indicates the transformation into an adult. To share but without  secondary thought, just do it naturally of sharing signifies that we are already grown up as perfect adults,” said philosophically Dr. Lee.


Regarding The thin-film optics as his life career, Dr. Lee is determined to extract teaching materials from his research in order to cultivate talents in optics and photonics and to pass the practical experience to students. “So that the optics and photonics industry in Taiwan can connect to the world, and at the same time we can promote the development of the industry. With such promotion, I also hope that there will be more opportunities for younger generations to build their foundation locally and develop internationally,” said Dr. Lee.