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Last updated::2018-07-04    



Dr. Akon Higuchi Inducted into AIMBE Fellow


 Every year the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) elects top elites in the medical and biological engineering field as their Fellows, and this year Dr. Akon Higuchi, Chair Professor of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at NCU, was inducted into the AIMBE Fellow. “This induction was indeed great recognition,” said Dr. Higuchi. In fact, Dr. Higuchi was also elected as the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in 2014. Being elected as both AIMBE Fellow and RSC Fellow was a rare case.


Dr. Higuchi was already a professor with a considerable reputation in Japan; however, he intended to pursue higher academic achievement and decided to come to Taiwan alone. “I really appreciated NCU for all the resource and support. Every person I met here makes me feel the warmth,” said Dr. Higuchi. NCU Students’ performance also impressed Dr. Higuchi during his teaching. He observed that most students here were able to look for resource and seek solutions to the problems, which is a crucial prerequisite in the pursuit of knowledge.


In his academic career, Dr. Higuchi sticks to his faith and work step by step even when he feels frustrated. “To me, research is not simply a job but my interest because I can find great joy and gain the sense of achievement in the research. It also motivates me to move forward and gradually I could realize my dreams,” said Dr. Higuchi. Regarding his future goals, Dr. Higuchi hopes to publish research articles on world-renowned journals such as Nature or Science. Meanwhile, he would continue to devote himself to the academic research and make contributions to the society.